Chemical Deformulation Analysis

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Custom Chemical Deformulation Analysis Services


You may be asking what exactly is chemical deformulation analysis and why do I need it?  It’s a great question that we get asked often and we would like to share some insight from more of a business perspective rather than a technical lab perspective.


First, let’s define what “Deformulation” is.  Deformulation refers to a set of analytical procedures used to separate and identify individual components of a formulated chemical substance.  In the simplest terms, it’s a process to determine the recipe of ingredients in a chemical product.  It’s also called chemical reverse engineering, chemical reformulation services, and chemical formulation analysis.


Depending on the formula and types of ingredients, it can be a very difficult process to disassociate the smallest particles into a known ingredient and quantity within the mixture.  It certainly will take a skilled lab with the proper tools to perform such an analysis.  We won’t get into all the technical terms here, but always make sure to ask plenty of questions prior to engaging with a deformulation services company before starting work to avoid any delays.


So why is it so important to perform a chemical deformulation analysis?

Great question.  Here are a few reasons to contract with an experienced chemical lab.

  • There was a problem with a prior manufactured batch and you need to determine what the problem was to avoid any further losses, or you need 3rd party verification that your contracted chemical manufacturer failed in delivering a product as contractually agreed upon
  • You believe that a competitor has infringed on your product formula and you need proof for litigation reasons
  • There is a potential conflict of interest with a past employee sharing confidential information
  • You have misplaced or lost the only copy of the formula for your product
Some of the products you can perform deformulation analysis on are:
  • janitorial cleaners
  • commercial cleaners
  • perfumes and cosmetics
  • food grade products
  • adhesives and coatings
  • home and health products
  • and many more
The best part of partnering with Applied Power Concepts is the absolute promise to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.  We fully understand that there are many pitfalls possible and we are here to minimize them for you.  Contact us for a free confidential preliminary discussion to determine the best possible approach to chemical deformulation analysis for your product.  We are not satisfied until you fully are.


Please note:  prior to commencing with any deformulation analysis, we highly recommend you consider all applicable laws regarding use for purposes other than informational use.

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