Liquid Chemical Blending

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Liquid Chemical Blending


Are you looking for a powerful blend of analytical lab services and liquid chemical blending manufacturing facilities?  Do you need additional manufacturing capacity to meet increased sales demands, looking for another chemical manufacturing facility closer to your clients or shipping points, or perhaps you are considering ways to defer capital expenditures?  Applied Power Concepts is your expert liquid chemical blending company ready to serve you from concept design to finished product.


Why choose APC as your private label chemical manufacturer?

Because we specialize in private label chemical blending (including acidic & alkaline formulations) backed by a 100% confidentiality agreement.  Along with the ability to manufacture FDA and EPA approved products, we are in compliance to manufacture and handle a variety of hazardous materials.  A quick phone consultation will get you headed in the right direction whether it’s engaging with us or being referred to a better fit at another specialized facility that will best meet your needs.  Call us at 714-502-1150 and we can help you get your project done on time at the best possible cost.

Liquid Blending Services

Applied Power Concepts will manufacture your liquid chemical product to your formulation and specifications.  We can also aid you in developing or reformulating a new liquid chemical product as well.  From our 4 laboratory areas consisting of organic synthesis, microbiology, analytical chemistry, and electronic measuring, we will assist you with our extensive library of knowledge and chemical suppliers.  Leverage our purchasing power and manufacturing expertise and bring your product to market on time and on budget.


We are committed and focused on developing procedures that are easier to scale up to production levels.  We offer liquid blending services in stainless steel containers, carbon steel containers, fiberglass containers, glass lined containers, and more.  Specialized containers are also available for blending high viscous blends.  Need heating and cooling capabilities?  Keep strict quality control needs in check with our built-in heating and cooling capabilities.  Also available is the stability testing for liquid chemical blending products including testing at room temperature, to 40 degrees Celsius to freeze-thaw standard testing.

Once your product has been manufactured and approved to your specifications, we can package it, label it, store it, and ship it to your precise specs.


To learn more about how we can help you more successful in your product launch, call us at 714-502-1150 for a free initial consultation.

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