Patent Development

Chemical Patent Development


Chemical Patent Development is an integral part of business objectives needed to improve market position, to increase revenue generation, protection of research and development efforts, and creating an intellectual property portfolio for future use. For many start-up companies, a patent provides protection from a competitor’s entry into that technology. For this reason, it’s imperative to create a cost effective strategy that is in alignment with the business goals of the company.


Do you need patent protection? Our experience allows us to help you determine the benefits and costs associated with a patent before investment dollars are spent unnecessarily. There are many concerns to chemical patent development and speaking with an expert is your first step. If you have questions pertaining to patent development, Applied Power Concepts offers a confidential free initial assessment to help you through the many complexities of patent development.


Chemical Patent Litigation Support

Do you have chemical patent litigation challenges? We provide help with expert witness testimony, deformulation infringement claims, review of opposing data in a lawsuit, chemical formulation testing and more. We provide confidential independent third-party analysis customized to your needs.  Call for a confidential free initial assessment. 1-714-502-1150