Specialty Chemical Toll Manufacturing

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A Specialty Chemical Toll Manufacturing Company


Are you in the business of marketing and sales?  Do you have a great idea and want to scale up before investing in expensive equipment and long-term manufacturing plant facilities?  If so, we are a perfect match for you.  Applied Power Concepts is in the business of developing and manufacturing specialty chemical products with companies, like you, that have an idea and marketing capabilities.  We’ll stand behind you as a go-to expert working as your specialty chemical toll manufacturing service provider.


Our specialty chemical toll manufacturing services, also known as toll processing, contract manufacturing or custom chemical manufacturing, will reduce costs and shorten your product development timeline.  You save the upfront costs of buying specialty equipment, securing manufacturing floor space, and are able to customize the order size to fit your regional or customer specific needs.

specialty chemical toll manufacturing

We can take your raw materials or purchase the raw materials for you to manufacture your custom chemical product.  We’ll even provide laboratory research for product formulation improvements, analyze product development for scaling, perform product feasibility analysis, and consider patent feasibility.


Past clients have come from all industries and range from Fortune 500 companies to small startup companies.  We specialize in “seeing” your big picture and will assist you in all facets of chemical product development.  And, of course, your project is kept confidential at all times.


Speak to our knowledgeable product development expert first and discover how you can bring your product to market and be incredibly successful.  Call 1-714-502-1150 anytime and discover our hands-on approach will greatly improve your bottom line success.

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