Testing & Formulation

Chemical Product Formulation

Chemical product formulation is an analytical process to develop new chemical products to market. Custom chemical product formulation helps to create new products and enhance existing products. Both entrepenuers and business development companies have used our services to greatly enhance their product profitability.  Chemical product reformulation is used to determine the ingredients in an unknown product. These processes are very helpful in the development of new products like beauty products, toiletries, cleaning solutions, and food service products.


New chemical product formulation development is a specialization of Applied Power Concepts. We work with you to create new and enhanced patents, controlled and optimized processes, and delivery of cost effective technologies. Formulating new chemical products frequently leads to new Intellectual Property, which greatly enhances your investment opportunities.


Once ingredients are determined for the product, our chemists will begin the initial formulation and production procedures development. We are careful to develop procedures that are easier to scale up to production levels. It all starts at the lab scale where our chemists hone the product at this small scale in order to scale up to a 5-gallon batch. The laboratory chemists then prepare the new product for stability testing and possibly Preservation Efficacy Testing.


Chemical Stability Testing
Chemical stability testing is needed when a product is to be used in the beauty, home, or health industry. During a typical 90 day stability test run, we test the product at room temperature, freeze-thaw cycles, and at 40°C. We also provide other types of stability testing on an as needed basis. Contact us at 714-502-2450 to discuss the options available to meet your product objectives.


Other tests available are:

  • Preservation Efficacy Testing – PET